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為支持社區內物品贈送活動, CubicFree提供免費點對點*運送服務。如有需要,請填寫以下基本資料。會有義工與你聯絡。(對象只限物品贈送者) *地鐵站附近的指定店鋪 CubicFree provides point-to-point* delivery service for free to support the free giving activities in the community. Please fill in the basic information if you need the service. The volunteer will contact you later. (Only for the people who free the stuff to the others) *Specific shop near MTR stations

About Us

CubicFree目標成為一個物品寄存与運送共享平台。在這裡,店家可以透過CubicFree出租閒置空間提升生意額,快遞員或者義工可以利用上下班時間順路賺取額外收入或者建立義工履歷,用家也能以低廉價格享受到獨一無二的寄存与運送服務。CubicFree 希望通過連結社區每一分力量和資源,實現環境、經濟、社會都可以永續發展的願景。 CubicFree aims to become a brand new storage and delivery service platform for sharing. The Shop can rent out the vacant space to increase the revenue and gain more interaction with the potential customer. The Earner / Volunteer can use available transport to deliver to get extra income or build volunteering career profile. The Giver can share the things easier without worrying about no show. The Receiver can get the desired stuff easier at a fraction of the cost. The vision of CubicFree is to develop sustainable environment, society and the economy by integrating the resource of community.

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